Social Media Marketing is more than posts, likes, retweets, blogging and videos. In the big picture, it is about reaching your target audience where they are.

Keeping that in mind, let's talk about just how important your target audience actually is to your brand's message being reached by even more and how they can be your brand's best marketer.

Let's take Instagram for an example.

When you post to your Instagram account, it is viewed by all of your followers who either like, share and tag others on their account. You now know how that is important to marketing your brand.

If a follower posts a response to your Instagram post tagging one of their followers in that post, you now how have a personal conversation between two people attached to your brand. Meaning now your brand's post will be seen by your followers, your followers followers and now the account they tagged followers.

This effectively just tripled the amount of people or "accounts" that will see the post attached to your brand.

Having this type of personal connection from one follower to another "non" follower is the best marketing your brand can receive from your target audience.

Once the "non" follower is attached to this conversation from initially being tagged on your brand's post, more often than not, they become a follower of your brand.

What has happened is that by just posting to your account as normal, your target audience just became a marketer of your brand that ended in a new follower and potentially a new customer for your products and/or services.

In the end, be personable in your posts and engage with your audience and remember ... Social Media is just that -- SOCIAL!