One of the biggest questions, schools of thought and debate in the Social Media World is 'When should my brand post on social media'? And for good reason.

There are MANY different schools of thought on this subject. None of which are incorrect or correct. There is no one globally perfect time to post to Social Media.

In fact -- You need to dive into a lot of different factors when determining the best times for your brand to post to your Social Media accounts.

Here are a few key factors to get you started.


The basis of all Social Media is to better engage your target audience on a more personal level. Having said that. The first rule of thumb; if you will, when determining when your brand should post to Social Media is, when is your target audience on [insert Social Media outlet here].

Why should you post at 10 o'clock in the morning to your Facebook feed if your target audience is mostly on-line at noon? The answer is, you shouldn't.

Diving in to your analytics (or Facebook insights) to determine when your target audience is on-line, will show you when the best times are to post to your Facebook Page and/or other Social Media accounts.

As in any service-based business. Your customers always better help you determine what or how your business should act.


Ah yes -- The competition. You know they would be there or come up at some point.

Still, the fact of the matter remains. Keeping an eye on your competition is never a bad thing. They can actually help you determine when the good times and more importantly, the bad times are to post to Social Media to reach your target audience.

Let's face it ... Your both targeting the same people for the most part. Whatever is working for them may work for your brand as well.


When posting content to your Social Media accounts, take into account what time of the day it is. Most people go to lunch around noon. And what do people do on their lunch breaks?

They check their Social Media accounts of course!

It may be beneficial for you start posting, if your not already, around noon to catch people on their lunch breaks.

Also think about the day of the week as well as the time of the day. Most 'Prime Time' television programs are aired around 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM during the week. You may want to avoid those times as many people will not check their mobile devices during their favorite show times.