In the digital age we live in, there are literally dozens, and we mean dozens of Social Media platforms and accounts out there for you to choose from.

Does that mean your brand needs to have a presence on all of them?


When your brand makes the determination of either beginning to have a presence on Social Media or looking to revamp and/or step up your Social Media presence.

Of course, Facebook is nearly a no-brainer for brands to be on right now. With over 2-Billion users, chances are your brand needs to have a presence on Facebook.

However, when it comes to the other dozens of Social Media platforms, that can be a little more tricky. 

Here are two key factors you need to keep in mind when determining what Social Media platforms your brand needs to be creating content on.


Do you currently have Social Media profiles? If so, where are they at and how are you utilizing that particular platform?

As we stated before, there is no need for your brand to be on EVERY Social Media platform out there. Frankly, who has the time to even post to that many platforms.

Perform an internal Social Media Review of the following:
  • What Social Media Platforms are you Currently On?
  • What Social Media Accounts are Performing Well?
  • What Social Media Accounts are not Performing Well?
  • What Type of Content has been Successful?
  • What Type of Content has not been Successful?

In order to have a successful Social Media presence, you need to determine where your target audience lives. What we mean by that is what Social Media platforms do the people you are targeting for your brand's products and/or services use?

In the end, Social Media is all about connecting on a more personal level with your brand's target audience. However, if you are not on the platforms they are on, it becomes very difficult to reach your target audience with your brand's message.

By determining where your target audience lives will give your brand the guidance on what Social Media platforms you need to utilize to reach them.


The old adage of 'keep your friends close, but your enemies closer' reigns true even in the Social Media World.

Check out your direct competition in your town/city and see where they are active on Social Media. Chances are, you are targeting the same audience.

Head to their Social Media accounts to see what type of content is performing well. What is getting them good engagement from their audience.

When you see what is working for them -- More often than not, that type of content on those platforms will be a great place for your brand to begin.