A few years ago, words were enough to attract new audience members and keep existing customers engaged. But today, ensuring that your content is fresh and that people find it captivating and worthy of their time is a serious challenge. Of course, text is still important, but content is evolving and visuals are gaining more power.

Visuals are faster and easier for the brain to process, and can help drive better business results and more eyeballs to your page.

As the social web has allowed us all to become publishers and marketers the importance of content for search and social media marketing has exploded. This is driving another trend within that sector called visual content marketing.

This visual web growth has happened for a few reasons.

  • The rapid acceptance of smart phones and tablets
  • The widespread availability of high speed wireless networks
  • The decreased cost of data that makes high definition uploads cost effective
  • The emergence of focused visual media social networks such as Pinterest and Instagram

Visual content has many benefits for a marketer. These include:

  • Increased engagement
  • Improvements to SEO
  • Accelerated sharing on social networks
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Sales growth

Now, what about you? How is your visual content marketing? Are you using images and video to engage with your customers? What’s working for you?