We are often asked by customers and non customers alike, how they can drive more traffic to their websites. My first response is typically recommending adding a blog to their websites.

There next question more often than not is, "How can adding a blog accomplish these goals?"

Of course, if a customer does not like to write at all, then perhaps adding a blog isn’t the best suggestion. But even for those that don’t write, they can sometimes outsource a writer for their blogs. So it’s still something to consider if you have a website and would like to have a way to improve your traffic and rankings.

To understand how adding a blog can help, you need to understand how search engines view the posts/articles in a blog. Each blog post is viewed as a separate page of your website. More pages with relevant content is always a good thing.

If you have a 10 page website, and you write a post each week (which is a reasonable goal) in a year, your website, in a search engine’s eyes, will be 62 pages. As always, content reigns supreme!

Blog posts that are giving out "free advice", like this post, can also be linked to other places. Such as other people's blogs, discussion forums, etc. Blog posts attract links, reposts and links to your website are counted by search engines and boost your site’s rankings.

And as we all know, the higher the rankings, the more likely people are to find your website. And that is the end game we are hoping to improve on with these tips.

And of course, a subject near and dear to out hearts here is the social media marketing aspect of blog posts. There are so many plugins available for blogs, such as Blogger and WordPress. These offer super simple solutions to broadcast each blog article to all of your social media outlets.

We see more and more about how search engines are paying even closer attention now to “social signals” and, by adding a blog to your website can help you with your social media marketing. With each new blog posting, you are creating something new to send out and promote via social media.

So consider adding a blog to your website. It’s a very affordable (most times free) way to increase traffic and business